A good book worth my time

June 28, 2016

“Read any good books lately?” we ask when hungry for a good read—a book worth our time. We’re busy. Like dieters contemplating a buffet table of delectable desserts, we want the best one; we don’t want to waste calories on something unsatisfying. We want to relax with a book that’s rewarding and some characters that are redeemable. After all, our downtime should be uptime. Will the book transport us some place unique? Will the plot engage? Will we learn something new? Will we fall in love with the characters and cast them when the film becomes a movie? Will our “dessert” be a great choice for our next book club?


Bellwether Books Blog might help you find just that book.


Why "bellwether?" 


A bellwether is someone who takes the lead or initiative.  And a bellwether is also the sheep wearing the bell to guide the others. I'm the ringleader, a shepherd at Skyemoor Farm with a flock of sheep in my own backyard, who hopes to help you find your next good book.




Each month I'll feature a book selected from a variety of genres. A book worth our time to read because it captivates and enriches, and takes us somewhere. A book that helps us see the extraordinary in the ordinary and resonates with our soul. Some may be well known, others hidden gems. To further your enjoyment, I'll include an accompanying recipe, background research, book club questions, or an author interview. For variety, some weeks I’ll hand the bell over to guest bloggers who will share other “read-eemables.”


What kind of titles are we talking about? Expecting Adam, All the Light We Cannot See, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, A Girl Named Zippy, Boys in the Boat, Color of Water, Cutting for Stone, Recipes for a Perfect Marriage, The Book Thief, Kite Runner, Love in the Driest Season, The Glass Castle: A Memoir, Unbroken, The Help, and Winter Garden come to mind because they’re memorable and worth my time.


Great reads like these make me hungry for a follow-up. Want to read on to find a good book?

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