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Snail Mail Trail

When opening my mailbox, I love to find a hand-addressed envelope. The physical presence of a pretty card will be savored. A friend of mine started a hand-stamped stationary company with proceeds going to disabled adults in Mississippi. After indulging in her beautiful artwork, I felt challenged to regularly send encouraging notes--one of which went to a teacher friend on her first day of school. I wondered if she had received it, but found a note in my Facebook PM.

I just read the card AGAIN you sent me - then I read Hebrews 10. Verse 24 says "And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works..." I know you may not remember all that you penned, but the words challenged me today. They reminded me of the Hope of which I have been called. They reminded me that my time in _______ is for but a season with a definite purpose. I've not displayed joy and peace but rather overwhelmed frustration and disappointment. And my soul is convicted this morning. Thank you thank you for taking time to actually write these words for me instead of in a message like this one that will be lost in a day.” (another wonderful challenge for me).

Another card I sent to a best friend resulted in her husband asking why he wasn’t mentioned in the card, too! (I guess we all want the mailbox to hold a treasure). So, yes, when her husband went through a challenging career change, I then sent him one, too. On my way to a sudden and recent out-of-state funeral, as my husband drove, I wrote thoughts to the family. I had no idea the encouragement it would provide. My challenge to you:

  • Pick up some stationary at the Dollar Section of your favorite store

  • Maintain a variety of cards.

  • Find some stationary that’s just plain YOU that prompts you to write.

  • Order something really beautiful with double benefits:

  • Tuck note cards in glove compartment or purse for quick words

  • Think about people who need encouragement or a thank you

  • Just write from the heart.

  • Don’t worry, procrastinate, overthink, overwrite, erase, auto-correct, or start over.

  • Keep your address book handy and current.

  • Send the note to a friend’s workplace or home

  • Give someone else a package of stationary and continue the Snail Mail Trail.

  • Please forward and share!

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