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It's Not Easy Being Green

“It’s not Easy Bein’ Green.” Kermit the Frog, I can relate to your famous song.

Scrubbing off Wolfe Pancake Makeup #57 Green has been a challenge!

Evelyn is my three-year-old buddy and baby sister of two of my favorite voice students (Peter Pan and a potential Annie). From our first meeting, she has never failed to run up and give me a big hug. But after SHREK, Evelyn stood back, wary of my ugly big green Mama Ogre.

It’s no wonder with my green face, messy hair, green horns, four layers of ugly fat clothing, and heavy boots. Though we tried to help Evelyn understand it was really Miss Ann under all that green makeup, Evelyn would have nothing of it. Finally, she sat on Peter Pan’s lap and I moved in closer. Then somehow, she recognized me INSIDE and ran into my arms. (Who cares about roses, candy, and presents when you can get a hug from Evelyn?)

The Upside of Bein’ Green is that I don’t have to worry about what I look like on the outside before I go on! What’s really important is who I am on the inside when I come off. That’s how I want to be recognized.

Today I launch my new website. The website had to look appealing and friendly and hopefully draw readers to click the newsletter subscription. Inside, it’s still just me telling stories, sharing the Upside of the Story, and giving the inside track in More to the Story.

It would be a HUGE HUG if you’d subscribe to my Newsletter Subscription. You’re just one click away from “More to the Story.”

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