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Tricycle Mike

After months of volunteering at the local Animal Shelter, we finally allowed Julia to choose a kitten of her own. Julia took home a multi-colored grey polydactyl kitten named Alfie (renamed Sam). With a kitten, two dogs, and a flock of sheep of our own, we stopped our volunteering, but not our visiting at the shelter.

One afternoon after filling out our dog registration, Julia wanted to go to the window-lined hall to see the kittens and cats. She especially wanted to show me one particular tabby kitten named “Tricycle Mike.” Through a trauma at birth, Tricycle Mike was now missing a leg. This cute grey and white striped kitten with his tuxedo chest kept his balance on his three legs while his roommate, an adorably cute kitten playfully romped on all fours.

We were enamored by Trike Mike and his roommate, but we weren’t the only ones studying the twosome. It was equally intriguing watching one father and his four-year-old son gaze at the pair.

The father explained that his son was taking home one of the kittens; his wife was now taking care of the paperwork.

“He talks to you,” the little boy explained.

“He actually gets around really well,” the father added.

And then I realized which kitten the boy had chosen. Out of all his choices big and small, multi-colored, polydactyl, yellow, white or black. the little boy was taking home the three-legged kitten. He must have learned to see beyond what the world calls imperfection and look at the heart.

What a gentle reminder that there are great parents raising kind kids. That little moment left me in tears as I headed home. Out there somewhere is an adorably perfect three-legged kitten who through the love of a small child has found a home.

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