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Taking out the Trash

Minimalism is BIG now. Clutter free homes that help us focus on what is truly important. Getting rid of trash and junk is freeing and cathartic. But I have to admit I don’t like taking out the garbage in the morning. I especially hate when I suddenly realize that it’s Trash Day and I have to beat the BEEP BEEP BEEP of the waste truck backing up our tree-lined gravel driveway.

One Wednesday, I headed out in whatever I slept in the night before, inappropriate for the morning trash run (boots and a t-shirt?) hoping 11 acres kept visibility to a minimum. The dogs encircled me, providing additional cover as I lugged bags and bins to the designated drop spot.

Suddenly I spotted a stark contrast to my pile of trash. Spun beneath the branches of a nearby tree, a spectacular dew-dropped spider web sparkled against the sun.

A picture is worth 1,000 words so I went back to the house for a camera. With dew glistening on the web, the sunrise in the East, and a hayfield and farm in the background, this artistic display was an amazing juxtaposition to my morning chore. What handiwork from the heavens. I’m glad I caught it that day as I haven’t seen it since.

What will you spot today? What’s The Upside of the Story for you this morning? As the year ends, get rid of what doesn’t work for you, and take out the trash so you see what’s on the other side of a new year!

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