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The Good in Goodbye

“The Party’s Over” Willie Nelson and Judy Garland have both sung that tune. And that’s what the second week of January feels like. Decorations come down, the sweets get thrown out, the calendar is filled with catch up instead of festive events, and the kids go back to school. Yes, the party’s over.

Because at our house, college break feels like one big party. I love the absolute vacation from structure. Entertaining houseguests for the holidays, staying up late into the night, attempting creative projects, sleeping in until noon, playing late night games, going to the movies, seeing winter shows, watching family movies, eating snack foods, baking, dining on gourmet meals, seeing my kids’ friends, old and new, or hearing about them as my daughters come and go. And then all of a sudden it is no more. The holidays come to a screeching halt. The car is packed up and they are on their way. The party’s over. Good bye.

But there’s an Upside.

In order to say “hello” you have to say, “good bye.” A little friend of mine once stubbornly refused to leave a family reunion. I bent down to eye level and reassured her with the words, “In order to say hello again, we have to say good bye.”

I have to say good bye to December and my college girls to say hello to a new year for all of us. I get to look forward to the next time they both come home. I get to visit them at their college, and I have the pleasure of texting or snapchatting. I’ll look for their faces cheering in the crowd at JPJ Arena when I watch basketball games. Meanwhile, I know that all the money we saved for so many years is being spent toward one day making them self-sufficient adults who will never really live at home again. ARGHGHGH! But that means every visit will be a party. And that’s the Upside of Saying Good bye.

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