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An Up for a Down Day

When I'm feeling DOWN and I need an UP. I take FIVE. It's a simple RX for when you're low.

It won’t circumnavigate full-blown depression, but it interrupts a sadness that might slide into something more. When I offer it to friends, I jokingly sign the RX as "Dr. Ann."

  1. Eat a meal with at least four colors on your plate. (Fruit loops & Orange Cheetos don’t count). A piece of broccoli, a slice of cantaloupe, a sweet potato, a bowl of strawberries and blackberries, something that makes you feel HEALTHY and WELL-CARED for.

  2. Read a beloved novel. NOT a self-help book or challenging non-fiction expose. Good story, escape.

  3. Enjoy a hot bath or shower and relax.

  4. Take a walk or swim.

  5. Tell a good friend about how you're feeling.

These aren’t revolutionary, but they can interrupt a downward swing. Nobody is immune from depression. Reach out to yourself or a friend with an RX, love, and take FIVE.

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