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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the Stewarts

Merry Christmas and...Happy New Year! The Upside of a New Year is the opportunity for change and growth!

The Stewarts at Priest Lake

Will is now working for the V.A. in DC. He hopes to transition back to telecommuting. I hope it’s really soon--as in prior to lambing season. I like him working from home when the lambs arrive!

Christine is in her fourth year at UVA and graduates Nursing in May, taking the NCLEX in June, then starting her nursing career! Couldn’t be more pleased for her or about her career, wonderful friendships and her hard-work. Julia is in her second year studying International Relations and Arabic and looks toward spending more time in the Middle East for Study Abroad or summer internship. Both girls enjoy InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

I look toward the completion of three more books (Christmas novella, Time-Slip novel, memoir). I enjoy teaching 25 voice students, writing, directing musicals, and substituting choral classes. Take a look at the Upside of the Story and if you want to know what’s happening on future writing, sign up for More to the Story.

We look to minimizing and organizing so that we can focus on what’s important. We look toward more time with friends and family –YOU! And SHOCKING – we’re getting rid of our landline at the end of the year. If you want our cell phone number, PM us.

Will and I look to celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary on June 25! And we love to follow UVA Basketball together all the way through March Madness.

And once again, our family will return to Priest Lake where we vacation each year. As you can see by the photo, it’s a gorgeous place where we love to waterski, play games, swim, and catch up with cousins and siblings. This is a small slice of heaven on earth.

Most of all, we look to the Christ Child who came so that we have eternity to look forward to. Which is more than a small slice of Priest Lake.

You are loved ----

Ann Marie Stewart and Will, Christine, and Julia

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