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The UPside Down Bucket List

I have an UPside-Down Bucket List.

UPside Down Bucket List

It’s everything I avoid. No, it’s not merely a “To-Do” or a “Honey-Do” list. This UPside-down Bucket List demands a learning curve or stepping out of my comfort zone. I put off each item on the list when I need to put on my big girl panties and just do it.

So what’s on my list? You’ll probably laugh. Everything from learning to fold fitted sheets to comprehending the complex SCRIVENER writing program.

It includes finally getting around to the marketing technique podcasts I've paid for, organizing shortcuts on my computer and email programs, studying the manual on my new used electric car, renewing a complicated relationship, and developing an electronic payment plan for my voice studio.

It's so rewarding when I can accomplish one of the items! Not only is it satisfying to check something off the list, but I’ve proven I can attempt new things. When I take charge and just do it and learn something unfamiliar, I feel better, stronger, smarter. And younger.

Instead of running from the tasks which in the long run would simplify my life, or asking one of my kids or my husband to do it for me, I can admit (true confessions) that even after all these fifty-plus years:

I don’t know _____.

I’ve never learned______.

I don’t know how to use __________.

I don't know how to_________.

For some it may be to learn to dance, or paint, or play the piano. For others it might be to read a book, take a health challenge, try a new recipe. Perhaps you’ve been stuck, frozen on a difficult project or task. Maybe it’s about relationships: restore a relationship, ask forgiveness, visit someone you’ve been meaning to check in with.

What may be on your UPside down Bucklet List, may be on someone else’s Bucket List.

Though we all have different strengths and weaknesses, most of us are reluctant, fearful, or unmotivated to step forward and tackle something we would actually feel good about completing when finished.

When I tackle an UPside Down Bucket List, I learn and grow and achieve. I can even start tipping it over today.

What do you need to empty from that “other” bucket list? What would make you feel competent, confident, and courageous? I’m curious.

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