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An Upside to Quarantine?

One friend who cares for her aging father, posted the question in green on FB. Another friend, Pastor Dan Morgan, wrote:

What a great time to spend with your families! Read a book together. Sit down and play a video game with your teenagers. Ask your neighbors if they need a roll or 2 of TP. Have devotions together. Go on a walk and talk to neighbors from 6 feet away. Clean the house. Pray! Look at where God is at work... don't miss the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Made me think. We don’t know how long we’re “snowed in,” school is canceled, our jobs and social events put on hold. But we do know we’ll have lots of stories to tell. What if a part of the story was that something good came out of the quarantine?

Right now we don’t have a lot of control over some areas of our life. But what if we could plan (t) something during this time?

Here is a running list of ideas:

  • Plant something in your yard, garden, or window.

  • Learn to sight-read music. (

  • Take a daily walk for physical and mental health.

  • Draw! You can learn how!

  • Play a board game when you’re bored. Extra points for the game PANDEMIC (yes it exists).

  • Participate in an online exercise class

  • Eat less. (Hoard your stockpile more)

  • Try a new recipe using whatever you have in the house. (

  • Learn something new every day. Plot it out on your calendar and look forward to growing!

  • Designate a room a day to clean and declutter.

  • Make your bed each morning.

  • Be still. Ten minutes a day. Replace fear with prayer and thanks.

  • Take on a neglected task.

  • SKYPE a voice lesson from a local or not-so-local teacher! What a way to start!

  • Clean out your spice and medicine cabinets and throw out everything expired. (Well then again, save the spices for flavoring those rice and beans)

  • Keep a journal of funny happenings and wisdom. (But not on precious paper towels or toilet paper)

  • Write a thank you to a former teacher or mentor who’s helped you.

  • Install a bidet for a splashingly new experience. Beats hoarding toilet paper.

  • Read one of those books you’ve always wanted to dive into.

  • Write one of those books you’ve always wanted to dive into.

  • Paint a room.

  • Try a new craft or hobby.

  • Go through photo albums with your family, labeling as you go. Enlist your kids to scan the photos.

  • Listen to entertaining and educational podcasts.

  • Read the book of John start to finish. Good choice for this Lenten Quarantine.

  • Teach your kids something new. Make memories.

  • Memorize a verse: Romans 15:13 is a good place to start: May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Complete your taxes. (Oh that always brightens a day!)

  • Order a Gift Certificate for a place to go AFTER you resume social events.

In a week or a month or a quarter, this will all be over, and some things will have changed. What about us? How will we be different?

And there will be so much “catch-up” with friends and family and house and work, but what can we do now to anticipate that?

Plan (t) something. It’s something we actually can do this season. Let something take root this Spring.

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