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How to write UP reviews

Quarantine hasn’t been good to small business owners. What if we all helped each other OUT – by helping each other UP!

That restaurant that saved your sanity during Quarantine. Could you write a review about their curbside service? Or how about writing a review for the boutique that is trying to stay alive even when people can’t try on their clothes? Or the podiatrist who gave you a shot on the top of your foot and it didn’t even hurt?

Could we REACT and CHOOSE to help each other UP by speaking UP? We can do that by being on the look-out for something great and then simply writing UP a review or recommendation.

Just think…. What if because of your recommendation, FIVE people decided to try that restaurant’s curbside cuisine? Or what if friends shopped online at that boutique, or walked to that podiatrist? THAT would make a difference. A positive difference. We’d all be helping each other UP and at the same time see more UPS around us and hopefully keep people in business!

And it doesn’t take long at all. Less than five minutes, because the review SHOULD be short and share a few specifics.

Let’s get started. First, go to your social media to write UP a review for a local establishment. You can also post a review and on the establishment’s website and on Google. Here’s are three sample UP reviews for a local restaurant, out of town consignment store, and local doctor that you can use to model your own.

I’ve been thankful for Magnolias in Purcellville, Virginia. They offer great curbside service to the community. I especially enjoyed their Local Pork Asado. (We ordered this dish twice!) The dirty beans and rice with that special cilantro sauce was my favorite. We also loved the lasagna. The proportions were so generous and delicious, we were thankful to have leftovers. I hope that our community takes advantage of these curbside cuisine family meals. We did: over and over again!

I’m told this shop is DARLING. I’ve never been there, but it’s my new favorite consignment store, having ordered five items, every one of them affordable, and a great fit and quality. I felt DARLING. Darling is an award-winning curated boutique owned and operated by women with a mission for sustainability. Though they’re now open again, they also post photos and videos of their products and even run fashion shows and offer curbside and shipping services. Besides their DARLING clothes, they also sell handmade artisan goods. These women encourage other women to discover something new and invest in community by supporting and empowering women. Check out Darling in Charlottesville, Virginia or online.

Dr. Knudson with Podiatric Care in Leesburg, put my foot at ease. After walking every day, I developed a pain between my third and fourth toe. Dr. Knudson was kind, knowledgeable, and gentle. When he took out a big needle, I took a deep breath----but whatever he did, put my fears at ease and I felt almost nothing. What I appreciated most was that he remembered me and why I had been in a long time before. He took the time to catch up. I will always return to a practice who makes it a practice to be kind and caring.

Five or six sentences make a difference to that business and maybe to you, too as you KEEP THIS SIDE UP.

After you write UP your review and post it on your social media, could you share it on this link, too? I’d love to see what you’re writing UP. Then share this How-to write UP reviews on your social media. Imagine the ripple effect and POSITIVE viral UP we can create together!

Further Ideas:

Restaurant: What meals you loved and why. When you enjoyed their food. What you liked best about the service. (when we return to indoors). What you liked about the atmosphere. Why you can recommend this restaurant.

Doctor: Include name, office, location. Comment on: Front desk, wait time for appt., waiting area, care and treatment, efficiency, knowledge of your problem and treatment, office staff, results.

Store: Name of person, Place of operation. Efficiency, knowledge of your taste/needs. Friendliness. Quality of Product. Knowledge of products. Environment and Community Connection.

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